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Be more informed

Dataloft Inform - a unique interactive online subscription platform that gives up to date property market analysis, charts and reports on demand.

Instant access to property market analysis and content



Dataloft Inform - provides brand market reports, real-time statistics and commentary, charts and news on the UK retail property sector

WINNER: The Negotiator Awards 2018 GOLD Supplier of the year: Services & Products (Marketing)

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Engage your clients. Be an expert. Stay informed.

Inform is an award-winning subscription tool that provides unique property market insight for any postcode.

Branded and personalised
market reports

 Create professional
market reports at the
click of a button.


Real-time statistics & commentary

Market knowledge tailored
to your local area including
live transactional data.


downloadable charts

Local, regional and national charts with flexible settings, detailed transactions map.


market infographics

Stunning topical infographics created weekly by our analysts and designers.


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The best property players
rely on inform local property market analysis