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Dataloft Inform - sign up to the UK's unique online property market analysis platform and gain access to reports, charts, commentary and local market statistics.  Delivered by expert analysts for property professional throughout the UK. 

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Dataloft Inform - contact the inform team for support, careers, advice, sales.  We are the UK's property market specialists and providers of inform the UK's unique property market analysis and reporting tool for property professionals.

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Dataloft Inform - multi user, custom branding, commentary, trends, reports, charts, all available with a free trial of the UK's most powerful online property market analysis and reporting platform.


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Once set up you will have full access to the platform

From £99 per month.


Choose the number of users you need.

Market reports
Slick and professional market reports with three template options.

Branded and personalised market reports.

Downloadable content
Downloadable content:
articles, charts, maps and
cutting edge infographics.

Housing market trends
Review historical data and charts going back 25 years, split by region, sector and property type.

Editors pick
Access and download a library of charts covering numerous property specific topics.

National market reviews
Frequently updated commentary, stats, charts, key housing market indicators and indices.

Regional market reviews
A review of your local region with real-time analysis of transactions and prices in chart and stat form.

Local area analysis
Download transactional information, average pricing, tables, charts and map formats.

Your patch
Get access to analysis for the postcodes you cover and set up new areas when you need them.

Email support
Support is provided via email.

Interactive charts
Flexible charts that can be set up to a specific customer's needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dataloft Inform – Questions to ask, see what other people have asked and allow us to say yes you can!  We are the property market specialists.

Frequently asked questions

Can I download any number of reports?

Yes, you can. There are no limits on the number of reports that you can generate on demand.

Simply select the area that you want the report to focus on, choose either a one page or two page report or select a regional report or lettings report, select a file format (PDF, PNG, JPEG) and click edit/preview or download.


Can I get access to my local postcodes?

Yes, you can. Inform is designed to allow you to drill right down to the postcodes in your patch and provides a number of interactive and easily downloadable charts, as well as commentary and market reports at the click of a button.


Can I use the content from Inform for my marketing?

Yes, you can. The content is yours to be used in any number of marketing channels every day.

Can I change my local areas?

Yes, you can. For an additional fee you can access as many catchment areas as you need and then drill down to any variations of the postcodes within those areas. This means that, for example, you can create local analysis for your core area and some of the surrounding villages around it.


Can I use my branding on the market reports?

Yes, you can. The report will feature your logo and you can choose the colour from our palette that best fits with your branding. The details of your three users will appear at the end of the reports. 


Can I get some help with using the content on Inform?

Yes, you can. We can arrange a training call when you subscribe to show you how to get the most out of Inform. Our online guides give hints and tips about how to get the most out of Inform and we can share best examples of use by other subscribers. 


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