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Key Features

Dataloft Inform - Inform provides all of the content you need on the property market. From the leading independent property analysts in the UK.

Key features

From reports to infographics and market commentary, Inform is packed with content

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Custom Reports

Dataloft Inform – Tailored UL retail property market summary reports and analysis available online to download and share amongst your network.

Market reports

Inform has a range of market reports that can be downloaded in seconds. Down to postcode level, our reports cover the sales and lettings markets and local area demographics.

Choose from a one or two page template, add your logo and contact details and select your brand colours. Inform market reports can be emailed, printed and placed online and are ideal for staying in touch with customers.


The Inform infographics are great for engaging with a broad audience on social media. The data is great for supporting blogs and creating bespoke reports for specifically defined geographic areas and it’s a great tool for sales appraisals.
— Brendan Kay, owner of Martin & Co, Witney

Dynamic Charts

Dataloft Inform - Download charts and statistics, select and filter charts dynamically to show uk retail property market trends and statistics.


Interactive, downloadable charts and maps

The charts on Inform allow subscribers to quickly prove their local, regional and national expertise.

Drill down to your local postcode sector and set up charts for your target audience by property type, price threshold, new build/second hand and date range.

Sit down with a client and explore the recent transactions in your area with the interactive transactions map.

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Realtime Statistics

Dataloft Inform - Headline property market statistics, regular property market commentary from the UK's leading property market analysts.


Real time statistics & market commentary

Inform is designed to allow subscribers unique access to real time market insight, saving them time and money and instantly enhancing their brand profile. 

The data is frequently refreshed and our team of analysts are constantly scouring the market for the latest news and trends. 

Subscribers can view key statistics and market commentary on local, regional and national markets. 



Property Market Blog

Inform subscribers have access to stunning infographics, which sum up the big trends of the moment in visual form. These are perfect for emails, social media and online content.

Property market infographics

Subscribers also have access to stunning infographics created weekly by our team of analysts and designers. 

These sum up the latest market trends visually perfect for emails, social media and online content.

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