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Key Features

Dataloft Inform - Inform provides all of the content you need on the property market. From the leading independent property analysts in the UK.

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Key features


Market reports

Inform has a range of market reports that can be downloaded instantly. Our reports cover both sales and lettings markets down to postcode level, and local area demographics. Choose from a one or two page template, add your logo and contact details and select your brand colours. Inform market reports can be emailed, printed and placed online and are ideal for staying in touch with customers.

Property market infographics

Inform subscribers enjoy access to topical infographics created weekly by our team of designers and analysts. Infographics are ideal for social media, blogs, email and content for marketing collateral and are a powerful way of showcasing your expertise.

Rental market analytics

Inform provides unique lettings market analysis based on a growing dataset of rent paid transactions, allowing subscribers, and their clients to keep up to date with the very latest rental market trends. Subscribers have access to editable reports, charts, infographics and commentary on the lettings market in their local area.


Charts, statistics and commentary

Inform offers a wealth of property market insight from editable charts and maps showing local, regional and national housing market trends to headline grabbing statistics and professionally written market commentary. Perfect for social media, blogs, newsletters, marketing emails, pitches and much more.

Local area profiles

Our local profile pages are a valuable addition to Inform. With a unique spin on local area demographics and socio-economics, they provide fresh, innovative and fascinating content for consumers. From broadband speeds, population density to proximity of Ofsted outstanding schools, subscribers can really demonstrate their local knowledge.


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