At Dataloft we always love a challenge, especially if it requires digging for treasure – we recently teamed up with Estates Gazette who wanted to find out where in London are the best places to find that magical combination of a fast commute and an affordable home. The easy option would have been to take stations as the journey start but we took it one step further and included the walk to the station to analyse the total commute time and actual sale price of individual homes. We combed through 100,000 residential sales in Greater London over nearly two years to calculate the price per minute for each home, from stepping out of the front door to arriving at Estates HQ in Holborn at 8.45am. The resulting infographic highlighted the hotspots in each timezone but this is only the beginning - with this databank we can mine down to street level, explore around a local high street, a school, or your nearest watering hole (ahem). To see the map in greater detail and for more updates and insight from Estates Gazette, click here

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