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How to use Inform

Dataloft Inform – be a property market expert and use reports, commentary, statistics and analysis to enhance your next pitch

Using Inform


Unique and powerful

Dataloft Inform – UK retail property market analysis.

A unique and powerful tool,
Inform can boost your business in many ways


Intelligent marketing

Dataloft Inform – Share what you know about the UK property market via email, on your website, in advertising, blogging.

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Intelligent marketing

Inform’s attention-grabbing content helps build trust around your brand and is available for you to download and use in any way you wish. We make sense of the market, allowing you to demonstrate expertise … and win new business.

Our versatile content can be used across all marketing channels: from intelligent lead generation campaigns, to informed emails and compelling web content.

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Social media

Dataloft Inform ≠ Share what you know about the UK property market via social media, twitter, facebook, google, LinkedIn.

Relevant and engaging social media

Social media offers an invaluable opportunity to interact with your customers. Inform provides informative and relevant content for all your social posts.

Share your market expertise by posting topical infographics, local market reports, stats, charts and commentary to engage with your followers every day of the week.

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Dataloft Inform - why present and pitch with anything but the best uk retail property marketing statistics, analysis, commentary, facts and reports.  Delivered and downloadable online from the experts.

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Win business by showcasing expertise

Stay up-to-date with the very latest property news and analysis and share this with your local market. 

Inform content adds an extra layer of professionalism to client valuations and pitches to developers, landlords and investors. And it will save you time and money too. 

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The best property players
rely on inform local property market analysis