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Dataloft Inform - Tailored uk retail property market summary reports and analysis available online to download and share amongst your network.

Branded and personalised market reports

House buyers like to be able to make informed decisions and understand the dynamics of their local market. Inform’s market reports can provide a high value snapshot of all the latest market trends, both locally and nationally, in seconds.

You can choose from a one or two page template, add your logo and contact details and choose the colour that best fits your branding. 
The reports are simple, clear and visually appealing.

Download a report into a high resolution format and use it any way you wish, from door drops to adding that extra touch of professionalism to valuation meetings. 

The Inform infographics are great for engaging with a broad audience on social media. The data is great for supporting blogs and creating bespoke reports for specifically defined geographic areas and it’s a great tool for sales appraisals.
— Brendan Kay, owner of Martin & Co, Witney

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